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The following panels have been confirmed and will be included in the 2007 programming:


Topic Session Title Confirmed Speaker(s)
AIDS in the South AIDS and Drug Policy in the South: Working Towards a New Bottom Line Kathy Hiers, Valencia Robinson, Ron Crowder, Bishop Joyce Turner Keller, Rep. Laura Hall, James Learned
Ban the Box Ban the Box: Winning Back the Right to Work Sakeenah Robinson, Chuck Turner, Malik Rahim, Dorsey Nunn
Black America Black America: the Debate Within Isaac Fulwood, Glenn Loury, Rev. Ed Sanders, Marie Kirkley Bey, Dr. James Peterson
Campus Change Campus Change Campaign: Colleges as Laboratories for Reform Stacia Cosner, Dan Cornelius, Micah Daigle
Canadian Medical Marijuana Northern Exposure: Cutting-Edge Medical Cannabis Research and Legal Reform in Canada Philippe Lucas, Dr. Andy Hathaway, Lynne Belle-Isle, Rielle Capler, Kirk Tousaw
Congress Update Building Momentum in Congress Rob Kampia, Nkechi Taifa, Jesselyn McCurdy, Bill Piper, Daniel Raymond, Kris Krane, Sanho Tree, Tom Angell
Diversion Diversion for Non Addicts? Alex Stevens, Lou Martinez, Mike Lawlor, Sharon Woo, Margaret Dooley
Drinking Age / Youth Alcohol Harm Reduction Harm Reduction Goes to College: Is it Time to Lower the Drinking Age? John McCardell, Aaron Hess, Alex Koroknay-Palicz, Deborah Lewis, Marsha Rosenbaum
Drug Law Informants To Snitch or Not to Snitch? Diverse Viewpoints on the Role of Informants in American Drug Law Enforcement Mark Lamont Hill, Davey D, Ethan Brown
Drug Textbooks Drugs and Behavior 101: A Tool to Teach Critical Thinking Skills Carl Hart, Charles Ksir, Mark Galizio
Drug User Organizing Bridging the Gap: Drug User Organizing    Berne Stalenkrantz, Stijn Goossens, Louie Jones, Matt Curtis
Drug War Costs Against the Odds: Reversing the Personal and Cultural Impact of Incarceration Kathie Kane-Willis, Silja Talvi, Suzanne Mayo, Mike Whitty, Carol Shapiro
Europe Roundtable Europe and Drug Policy Reform: Stepping Forward or Falling Back? Michael Jourdan, Paul Thewissen, Peter Sarosi, Sophie Pinkham, Joep Oomen, Craig Reinarman, Sebastian Saville
Faith Panel Faith, Action and Change: Mobilizing Religious Opposition to the Drug War Rev. Ed Sanders, Chuck Thomas
Hallucinogens Physically, Mentally, Emotionally Better: Psychedelics as Healing Agents Jodie Evans, Mark Plotkin, Norbert Litzinger, Ken Tupper, Jag Davies
Harm Reduction Therapy Harm Reduction Therapy: Clinical and Ethical issues in Practice Patt Denning, Traci Williams, Andrew Tatarsky, Fred Rotgers
HEA - ongoing Restoring Education: The Fight to Repeal the HEA Aid Elimination Penalty Kris Krane, Adam Wolf, Tom Angell, Shawn Heller
History of Harm Reduction The Hidden Histories of Harm Reduction Joe Spillane, Nancy Campbell, Caroline Acker, Sheigla Murphy, Allan Clear
Ibogaine IBOGAINE - An Effective Therapy for Chemical Dependence     Howard Lotsof, Jeffrey Kamlet, Patrick Kroupa, Dana Beal, Clare Wilkins, Dimitri Mugianis, Allan Clear
Immigration Collateral Damage: Immigrants and the War on Drugs Alina Das, Deepali Gokhale         
Integrating Harm Reduction Integrating Harm Reduction into Public Systems Daliah Heller, Bernie Lieving, Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch, Donald MacPherson, Roseanne Scotti
Juvenile Justice / BZT Dismantling the School-to-Jail Pipeline: Drug Policy Reform and Juvenile Justice Bart Lubow, Jim Freeman, Dana Kaplan, Tshaka Barrows, Jasmine Tyler
Latin America Confronting the U.S. War on Drugs in Latin America: Local and Regional Strategies Sanho Tree, Luiz Guanabara, Pablo Cyerman, Bolivian Representative, Nancy Sanchez Mendez, Ricardo Garrido (invited), Luciana Boiteux
LEAP Drug Warriors Against the War James Anthony, Tim Datig, Mike Smithson, Judge Eleanor Schockett, Rusty White
Legalization Beyond Prohibition: Describing a Drug War Exit Strategy Roger Goodman, Alex Wodak, Eugene Oscapella, Frederick Polak, Maria Lucia Karam, Steve Rolles
Marijuana Arrests Reefer Madness: Cannabis Law Enforcement Around the U.S. Bruce Johnson, Harry Levine, Mason Tvert, Ray Warren, Deborah Small
Marijuana & Health Healthy and High? Marijuana as Medicine and Beyond David Ostrow, Craig Reinarman, Tom Kujawski
Medical Marijuana Implementation Medical Marijuana Implementation State-to-State Brian Vincente, Tom Daubert, Alison Holcomb, Pam Lichty, Dan Abrahamson, Steve Jenison
Medical Marijuana & DEA The DEA War on Medical Marijuana Reena Sczezpanski, Allen Hopper, Dale Gieringer, Jag Davies, Steph Sherer, Don Duncan, Ray Warren
Methamphetamine Understanding Methamphetamine Nick Rasmussen, Carl Hart, Luciano Colonna, Susan Kingston, Jacob Sullum
Mexico Mexican Trends in Drug Policy and Public Opinion Ricardo Sala, Dr. Humberto Brocca, Dr. Luis Astorga, Gady Zabicky, Jorge Tinajero
National Marijuana Strategy National Marijuana Policy: New Directions Ethan Nadelmann, Rob Kampia, Steph Sherer, Graham Boyd, Allen St. Pierre
New Orleans Drug Culture Drug Cultures in Post-Katrina New Orleans: Implications for Harm Reduction Gwanji Richardson, Ed Morris, Eloise Dunlap, Stan Hoogereurf
New Orleans panel Post-Katrina, Can New Orleans Afford to Keep Fighting the Failed "War on Drugs?" Jackie Smith, Judge Calvin Johnson, Cory Turner, Tyrone Smith, Norris Henderson, Kevin Lavine, Else Peterson
Overdose Understanding and Preventing Opioid Poisoning: A National Perspective Sharon Stancliff, Dan Bigg, Nab Dasgupta, Steve Jones
Partner with Law Enforcement Not the Usual Suspects: Working with Law Enforcement to Improve Drug Policy and Services Jack Cole, Dominick Zurlo, Tom Wood
Pregnant Women Pregnant Women: Another Casualty of the Drug War Lynn Paltrow, Tiloma Jayasinghe, Duchy Trachtenberg, Susan Boyd, Theshia Naidoo
Prescribing Heroin Prescribing Heroin David Marsh, Peter Blanken
Public Safety Public Safety and Drugs: A New Paradigm Called Justice Lorenzo Jones, Robert Rooks, David Soares, Rosana Cruz
Recovery Community Recovery Advocacy and Drug Policy Reform: Can't We All Just Get Along? Johnny Alem, Wyndi Anderson, Howard Josepher, Donald Davis, Naomi Long, Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis
Selective Enforcement A Diamond in the Rough or a Model For Change? One City's Experiment in Taking on Racially-Biased Drug Enforcement Carlie Ware, K.L. Shannon, Andy Ko, Shakyra Diaz, Anjuli Verma, Sunil Abraham       
Student Drug Testing No Child Left Untested?: Fighting Back Against Random Student Drug Testing Annette Fuentes, Bill Sciambi, David Lewis, Christopher Lauth, Jennifer Kern
Tobacco and Harm Reduction Tobacco: The New Most Dangerous Drug? Carl Phillips, David Sweanor, Cheryl Healton, Scott Ballin, Ernie Drucker
Training: Advocacy Creating an Effective Advocacy Campaign Whitney Taylor        
Training: Antiracist Antiracist Organizing To End The War On Drugs     Gabriel Sayegh, Clare Bayard, Ingrid Chapman
Training: Buprenorphine Buprenorphine: Thinking Outside the Box Sharon Stancliff
Training: BZT Beyond Zero Tolerance: Experience It For Yourself Chuck Ries
Training: Elevator Arguments Elevator Arguments Dave Guard, Peter Guither
Training: Fundraising Fundraising Roundtable - Getting to "Yes": How To Get A Positive Response From Foundations and Your Online Supporters Asha Bandele, David Glowka, Clovis Thorn
Training: Hepatitis C Integrating Hepatitis C for Outreach & Peer Programs Narelle Ellendon, Donald Davis
Training: Media Making the News: How To Get the Media To Cover Your Issue Bruce Mirken, Mary Jane Borden, Tommy McDonald, Tony Papa, Cole Krawitz
Training: Overdose Prevention How to Design and Implement an Opioid Overdose Prevention Program Caroline Rath, Lauren Enteen
Training: Policy & Politics Evidence, Emotions and Ideology: Lessons for Drug Policy Reform from the Vexed Politics of Needle Exchange Hilary McQuie, Daniel Raymond
Training: Working with Law Enforcement Engaging with Law Enforcement: Prevention, Monitoring and Response Basha Closic, Corey Davis
Training: Youth Engagement Working with Youth: In Policy, Programs, and the Decisions That Affect Their Lives Caitlin Padgett
UNGASS 08 Around the World in 90 Minutes Luiz Guanabara, Daniel Wolfe, Martin Jelsma, Patrick O'Hare, Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch, Pien Metaal (INVITED), Marco Perduca (INVITED), Alex Wodak

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