Awards Ceremony

¡Viva La Systema de Salud!

Congratulations to New Mexico’s Behavioral Health System!


In the last two years, great strides have been made in creating a successful system of care for New Mexico. Yet, none of this could exist without a commitment to improving the lives of individuals with mental illness and substance use disorders and their family members. Join your host, Chris Wendell, chair of the Behavioral Health Planning Council on Thursday, December 4 at 1:00 pm in the Kiva Auditorium as we celebrate the success of New Mexico’s Local Collaboratives and recognize those who dedicate their time and talents to making a difference in the lives of New Mexicans with behavioral health issues. The festivities include:

Local Collaborative Celebrationconfetti

Each Local Collaborative will be honored for the dedication, caring and tenacity they bring in creating local systems of care that provide a place in the community for all New Mexican’s with behavioral health issues.


2008 System of Care

Award for Excellence

A reflection of true collaboration, these awards represent the range of individuals, organizations, and programs that foster a positive impact on New Mexico’s System of Care. Those who receive this award are recognized for their exceptional achievement in promoting or enhancing systems of care, through their effectiveness, caring, dedication, professionalism and compassion.

The New Mexico Behavioral Health Collaborative presents this award for excellence in the following categories:

Advocacy:  Presented to an individual, who has had a significant impact on promoting behavioral health practices anchored in recovery and resiliency.

Collaborative Project:  Awarded to a project that exemplifies the collaborative spirit by having numerous discrete stakeholders come together to successfully address a pressing behavioral health issue through an integrated coordinated effort.

Media: Granted to a media creator and/or facilitator(all types/formats) for media activity that has within the last two years, precipitated awareness, promoted significant behavioral health practices, and addressed critical changes in the System.

Legislator Leadership: Given to a legislator in recognition of leadership leadership on behavioral health issues, that either provided funding for new services, changed behavioral health programs or laws, or advocated for behavioral health consumers, programs, or providers.

Pioneer Provider: Recognizes an individual who over their professional life time (at least 15 years) consistently made a significant impact on promoting behavioral health practices anchored in recovery and resiliency.